Thursday, March 31, 2011

Inflation is coming

One of the many topics that I want to talk about in this blog is the state of the US economy and it's almost inevitable upcoming collapse. There will be -many- videos coming on this topic, but I wanted to post one of the videos that first made me aware of what was coming, and inspired me to continue to do my own investigative research.

Peter Schiff is a very intelligent economist. As you'll see in this video, he predicted the collapse of 2008 as early as 2004, and he's made several other accurate predictions and forecasts as well. Like one of my other icons, Gerald Celente, he has an excellent, almost scary track record of making accurate predictions, so I tend to at least watch and listen to what he has to say. This video aired in 2009, and needless to say, we still haven't headed his warnings. With the recent surge in food, energy, and commodity prices exploding at record rates, one can't help but wonder if he was right yet again, and if it's too late to do anything about it now.

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