Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Look to Greece to see what's in store for us

Legislatures in Greece have approved a massive austerity plan for the financially troubled country, as expected, paving the way for more international financial assistance. U.S. stock futures, already higher before the vote, rose further in response. The Greek Parliament has voted in favor of the austerity bill.

This video does a good job of explaining exactly what the implications of this vote are. I feel absolutely horrible for these people, and if I were there, I'd be one of the tens of thousands rioting in the streets too. Unfortunately, there are many parallels between what's going on in Greece and what's going on here, and it's easy to see how our own "austerity measures" (raiding pensions, firing employees, cutting social services and environmental programs, selling public infrastructure and capital, etc) compares. When you take into consideration the spiraling cost of interest on our debt, it becomes even clearer how we could follow a very similar path.

Lots to cover

Well, needless to say I've been rather absent for the past week or so. I've recently been on a personal vacation out of town, and needless to say, was offered a much needed period of rest and recovery.

Unfortunately, the rest of the world didn't take a break with me, and there's a lot of things that have happened in the past 7 days that I would like to discuss. I'm sure I will continue to hit on the major topics in due time, though I don't want to flood a post with 100's of articles and insights that are dated, even if only slightly.

That being said, here's a very select handful of some videos of some things that happened this past week of things that I think have particular strength and relevance. Check them out if you like, and I'll try to get back to regular updates again soon.





Monday, June 20, 2011

Fukushima, Lemonade, Economy, and other tidbits

And now for our daily edition of interesting tidbits in the news.

1. Kids fined for lemonade stand that would have raised money to fight cancer

Once again, thank god the government is there to crack down on these predatory, scandalous kids! I mean, what if those lemons had been contaminated with e-coli???

2. Arrested for feeding the homeless.

Once again, thank god the government is there to crack down on these predatory, scandalous kids charities! I mean, what if those lemons watermellons had been contaminated with e-coli???

3. Fukushima: Strontium levels up 240 times over legal limit, uninhabitable zone 17x the size of Manhattan.

The news just keeps getting better and better!

4. Russia to lower US debt holdings

Seems they're finally getting aboard the 'dump the dollar' bandwagon now, too. The only real surprise is that it took them this long!

5. Inflation is at 11.2%!

According to Shadowstats. Like unemployment, the 'official' numbers are so manipulated and have so many conditional qualifiers that they don't actually end up reflecting reality very well. That's why shadowstats is a good source of alternative information: they calculate things like unemployment and inflation without any artificial tinkering or conditional exclusion.

And, lastly, just for fun

6. 12 things that the mainstream media is being strangely quiet about right now

Some pretty interesting snippets of information here, and it includes links to other relevant facts and articles.

Deadly E-coli virus Engineered?

A while back I posted an article featured on Natural News the outlined an argument that the E-coli virus could have only been engineered. RT recently spoke to the editor in chief of Natural News regarding this story. Unfortunately they didn't get into the science, or the 'meat' of the argument, so to speak, very much, but I still felt I should pass along this interview.

Imperial America: The Nasty Truth

So I came across this video earlier today and I thought it was worth sharing.

I just wish I knew who they were quoting.. unfortunately the uploader makes no mention of who wrote this passage or where it was taken from. Still interesting, though.

And a little later, I happened across this upload on RT that talks about American Imperialism as well.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The American Dream ~ George Carlin

Some of you might have seen this before, or might remember it from back in the days he was still around. For those of you that haven't, I suggest you take this opportunity to do so.

Amen George.

He has many other worthwhile monologues floating around youtube that I'd also encourage you to check out. It's just a shame he's no longer with us.. If he was wise enough to see and speak the truth back in 2005, I'm sure we could all stand to learn a lot from him today.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

President Obama being sued over Libya war

Link to article from Politico

About time!! Nice to see that a whopping 10 lawmakers give enough of a damn to stand up to the president on this issue.

On another note, a rather interesting article surfaced today that I thought some of you might be interested in...

Pentagon Papers Whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg Says that the Government Has ORDERED the Media Not to Cover 9/11

Given the recent developments regarding the independent panels proposed 'reinvestigation' of 9/11, this might very well pack a pretty hefty punch. Lets hope.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A few more updates

Hopefully I'll have time for some more thoughtful and organized posts tomorrow, but in the mean time, I thought these were worth sharing:

1. HALF of New Yorkers want an alternative investigation into the collapse of the Trade Center Buildings. 

In other news, half of New Yorkers are mindless sheeple incapable of critical thought :-p Well, at least it's encouraging that the movement is getting substantial support. We'll see what comes of it.

2. Wireless chips and probes could monitor orthopedic implants

Beware.. your cavities are next!

3. As economy worsens, prepare to see our own "lost generation"

4. Workers’ share of national income plummets to record low

And the following articles, courtesy of a close friend of mine

5. Ticketed for eating a doughnut in a park!

Well, you've got to fight obesity somehow, right?  

6. Citizens now primed for "risk assessment" by uncle sam

Just when you thought traveling couldn't get any more outrageous.

7. SWAT Team Mania: The War Against the American Citizen

8. Another senseless, deadly SWAT raid

9. Surprise surprise, US ranks 21st out of 66 countries in providing adequate legal representation  

Chalk this up as just one more gap between the rich and the poor in this country.

Anyway, that's it for today. Hopefully I'll have some more videos to upload tomorrow.

Updates in the news

In no particular order.

1. The FBI just granted itself new powers

I wish I had the authority to grant myself new powers without any oversite or regulation, don't you?

2. NATO bombs Libyan University

After all, what's more humanitarian than blowing up a university?

Actually, they might be on to something there, now that I think about it.

3. Ordinance requires renters to surrender their keys to the government

You know, cuz in case of an emergency, it's so much easier to go to a lock box, sort through all the keys, and unlock the door than it is to break it down. Oh wait, the 'property damage'. Thanks for thinking about the integrity of MY FUCKING DOOR incase of an emergency (like a fire). I'm sure my insurance company will appreciate that.

4. Pay those student loans or the SWAT TEAM will get you!

A little old now, but still pretty fucking impressive. Really, it pretty much speaks for itself. And while we're on this subject,

5. Debtor Prisons are back in style, baby!

6. Don't film police brutality or they'll take it out on you!

Now, granted I understand how things might get in the heat of the moment. You see someone you think looks suspicious after a massive shootout, you take precautionary actions. I get that. But this increasingly common trend of destroying phones and cameras is what really troubles me about this. This is certainly not the first case I've heard of someone having to hide their SIM card to prevent the videos from being destroyed.... Looks like if you plan on capturing Americas finest in action, you better have a plan in place to smuggle your videos after they destroy your equipment. Balloons: not just for cocaine any more!

7. Fukushima waters 10X worse than Chernobyl 

Your daily dose of optimism from Japan. Hmm... Sushi sounds good for dinner tonight!

8. No Freedom of Food (Farmageddon Trailer)

Looks like there's a new documentary out exposing the crackdown of horrible, unhealthy, disease-laden organic foods! Good thing I can still get my 18% ground beef $.99 mondo-burritos from Tacobell!

9. Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Pakistan, Syria... Hey, why not bomb Yemen too?

At this rate, I agree. Why the fuck not. Lets just expedite the process and do a preemptive strike on China while we're at it.

10. "Oh yeah, that plane that we loaded up with 6.6 billion dollars. Umm.. yeah. We think someone stole it."

I litterally lol'd

I've got a few more to update, but I'll try to get around to those later this afternoon.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

US Is Nearing Even Worse Financial Crisis: Jim Rogers

Article and video can be found here.

It's getting harder and harder to find anyone with any sense of optimism these days... Except, of course, our politicians and our Federal Reserve Czars. Even Ben Stein, one of the most idiotic economists on the planet, is warning that things are going to get worse now:

You know it's bad when....

And, in other breaking news, our debt will exceed the size of our ECONOMY later this year... NOT in 2014, like so many official economists (like Ben Stein) predicted.

Unfortunately, there's not much we can really do about any of this... Right now, all any of us can hope for is to use the time we have left to prepare to the extent that we can. I don't know how much time we have left, but I know it looks like things really are starting to get pretty bad, and all the predictions of shit hitting the fan by July-August seems like it's more and more likely. While none of us can save the economy, we -can- buy food, water, guns & ammo -right now-, before it's too late. I'm re-doubling my preparation efforts, and I'd suggest all of you start getting very serious about it if you haven't already. 

10 signs that wall street is about to go into panic mode

The following article highlights some of the recent economic news plaguing our country, and gives 10 compelling reasons why things could get a whole lot worse very quickly. If you've been following the news lately these shouldn't come as a shock, but it's still an interesting article nevertheless.

And, interestingly enough, I found the following video a few days ago that seems to support my theory about the effect of the Tsunami in Japan will have on the global economy. Now, obviously we could both be wrong about this, but something has already started to send markets into a tailspin, and it makes sense that this -could- at least be a contributing factor.

Monday, June 6, 2011

In the News

Here's a few different articles for the past weekend that I wanted to share.

1. Engineered E coli Superbug.

Now, I'll be the first to admit that this is, obviously, a 'conspiracy theory', of sorts. However, I believe the article had some compelling arguments, and made some interesting points, so I still think it's worth checking out. I found another related article in my local newspaper this morning that says that German sprouts from an organic farm have been linked to the E-coli virus... First off all, I find it hard to believe that that many people across Europe are consuming organic sprouts from Germany. Secondly, it does seem to support the Higalian Dialect theory (problem, reaction, solution) as suggested in the article in the context of the current war on local, organic foods.

2. Unemployment at Great Depression Levels.

If anyone you know might still happen to believe the official unemployment levels are at 9.1% (recently up .1%, and not, as predicted, "recovering"), then I think you should point them in the direction of this article from the Washington Blog. It's got some fascinating information and graphs in it that really put things today in context to the last great depression.

3. Teen Unemployment at 25%.

This, of course, should come as no surprise at anyone. When companies like McDonnalds have a hiring fair for 60,000 jobs and over 1,000,000 people apply, how many of those jobs do you think went to a completely inexperienced teenager? Probably not many. This, of course, has obvious social ramifications. What I find most interesting, however, how this rate compares to rates in other countries, particularly countries in the mideast like Egypt and Tunisia, that have youth unemployment rates of around 50%, to Eurpean countries like Spain, that's youth unemployment rates are around 40%. Obviously, the youth of these countries have started massive rebellions... again, for obvious reasons. Unfortunately, America's youth, I fear, are far too complacent, obese, and distracted to give a damn. For now, they can continue to live off of their parents, but sooner or later, that well will run dry.

4. Fukushima reactor now more radioactive than ever

Not surprisingly, news about Fukushima is still getting harder and harder to find, even though there are near cataclysmic discoveries coming out about it on a regular basis. I'm not going to say much about this, aside from the fact that I think it would be a good idea to keep reminding people that this is still going on, lest they forget about it entirely. Not that there's much that we can do about this one, though. Here's hoping that the radiation gives us all superpowers like we see in the comics.

5. Consumer confidence lower now that at any point during the great "recession"

Home prices continue to plummet to catastrophic (but ultimately, realistic) levels. Unemployment continues to tick up, not down. The stockmarket, being pulled by the banks, is plummeting down again, and the Fed is talking about QE3 (big surprise). As I read the 'mainstream' papers and watch their news, I'm baffled by how many economists are just NOW saying that things are looking bad, and that we can expect them to get worse. If you've picked up a newspaper or watched the nightly news, you're probably as familiar of these accounts as I am. However, despite everything that's going on, these fucktards are still "confident" that we'll see a recovery soon. Newsflash, people... They weren't right about the housing bubble. They weren't right about the 'great recession'. The only thing they have right now is that things are getting worse. I've been telling people that we wouldn't recover from the crash of 2008 since 2008, and low and behold, 3 years later, we haven't. And if nothing else, things are only going to get worse when the world markets finally realize the full effect of the Japan disaster from March. Japan will release its newest quarterly report in July, which will be the first one to account for the earthquake and tsunami that devastated the country and their economy. Though I have nothing hard to support this, in my personal opinion, these numbers have the potential to send the global market into an even greater tailspin once these figures get published and we get a first 'economic' look at how bad things really are over there.

6. 29 statistics about extreme income inequality.

Personally, I like to have some of these statistics handy, just encase I find myself in a situation where I'm in a conversation and I have a claim I'd like to back up. Nothing new here, really, but still some pretty interesting little facts to boggle your mind... Including the tax rates of some of the biggest corporations in America:

Profits: $4.9 billion
Taxes: -$34 million
*Fed Ex*
Profits: $3 billion
Taxes: -$23 million
*Wells Fargo*
Profits: $49.37 billion
Taxes: -$681 million
Profits: $9.7 billion
Taxes: -$178 million
Profits: $32.5 billion
Taxes: -$951 million
Profits: $2.1 billion
Taxes -$72 million
*American Electric Power*
Profits: $5.89 billion
Taxes -$545 million
*General Electric*
Profits: $7.7 billion
Taxes: -$4.7 billion

Thursday, June 2, 2011

American Ignorance

I was doing a little bit of research for a new post that I wanted to make, and I happened across this video that I  wanted to share... Not because I feel that the movie is particularly all that amazing, but because of the simply baffling reaction of the crowd to this wrestlers speech. I don't know if this was staged, or what the true motives for letting him give this speech were, but he seemed pretty damn genuine to me. Of course, the entire message was entirely lost on the "USA pride" drunk crowd.

And, in other news... I might have just committed a crime that could land me in jail for 5 years!

Yup, they want to make it illegal to embed videos now.

Taking away your freedoms, one day at a time.

Just following orders

What extent would you go to in order to follow orders? It might be one thing to illegally arrest someone, or even beat the crap out of them as we've seen time and time again, but if you were a cop, firefighter, or other civil service member, could you sit back and watch someone die, in the name of 'following orders'?

Apparently, these guys can.

This is something that absolutely sickens me. How fucking spineless, complacent, and brainwashed do you have to be to just let someone die, in the name of 'following orders'.

Even more proof that our 'civil servants' are nothing more than obedient dogs, with no mind of their own, and no shred of human decency left.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Some quick scatterings of news

Thanks to the holiday weekend and an incredibly inhibiting amount of work to do at, well, work, I haven't been able to keep up on things as much as I would like as of late. Saddly, that means that, until my workload dies down a bit again, I probably won't be able to be -as- active on here, either.

Nevertheless, I did come across a few things recently that I thought would be worth bringing up. In no particular order:

And, of course, what update would be complete without some Police State / Homeland Security news?

2. New Mexico Supreme Court Lets Cops Grab Guns During Stops
Supreme Court allows police to take all firearms from law-abiding motorists during traffic stops.

An arbitrator has ruled the department cannot make officer's names public. 

5. The Governments War on Cameras: