Monday, April 25, 2011

Gerald Celente on Alex Jones 4/21

So I know that some of you are more familiar with both Alex Jones and/or Gerald Celente than others, but I wanted to post this for those of you that aren't.

Gerald Celente is one of my economic heros. I've been listening to him for about a year now, and he's been freakishly spot on with his trends and predictions (going back for the last 15 or so years from some of the articles and videos I've read). His last major headline trend was "off with their heads 2.0", where he predicted the uprisings in Europe and the Middle East several months before Egypt and Tunisia happened. It's because of his advice that I got invested in Silver, and was -trying- to convince people in my family to buy gold back when it was still 600 an ounce. I love listening to him, and he's one of the few people that I very, very rarely disagree with.

Alex Jones is another one of my favorite individuals, who I'm pretty sure I've commented about on here before. This isn't so much about conveying anything inparticular as much as just sharing an interview with two people who I appreciate.

 Interestingly enough, he commented on how rigged the political system is, and how dangerous the illusion of democracy is (which I obviously just vented about a little while ago). He also mentions how he's supportive of a Ron Paul / Ralph Nadar presidency, which I've expressed my favor of multiple times. I'd strongly suggest anyone who follows this blog to look into Gerald a little more, because he's a very intelligent man with some great, and freakishly accurate insights.

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