Thursday, May 19, 2011


I couldn't help but post this... Mostly because, like many people of my generation, I REALLY hope the world ends via zombie apocalypse. I mean, we're all fucked anyway, right? The way I see it, I'd rather try to hold off as long as I can killing zombies than getting nuked, fighting the Chinese, or even more likely, fighting my own fucking government... or, WORSE case scenario, actually having to endure living in a radiation covered, GMO/chemical fed, Orwellian police state New World Order for the next god knows how long.

But I digress, the CDC is officially warning people how to prepare for zombies.

Now, it's pretty obvious what the real tactic is here, but I still find it funny as hell. Even more entertaining, though, is that of EVERYTHING they tell you to make sure you have, the ONE thing not on their list that is, bar none, the most important, is, of course, A FUCKING WEAPON!!!

Jesus Christ, a massive horde of zombies is heading right for me! Good thing I can hold them off with my birth certificate and passport!

For a full commentary on this article, check out this natural news article.

But, as well all know, most Americans are already zombies anyway. The following song parallels a song that I personally wrote a few years back (and might update a bit) called "Suburban Zombie". It's an amusing watch.

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