Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Some different takes on Osama / Gaddafi

I don't want to dwell on this Osama thing too much longer (god knows all the attention it's getting in the press and all the BS propaganda it's getting is driving me crazy enough as is) but I did want to post just a couple other interviews of various different people giving their input on the matter. But first, I wanted to post this video in regards to the bombing that killed Gaddafi's son and 3 grandchildren (under 12 years old, btw). I find it rather humorous that this is the second time we've blatantly tried to kill Gaddafi, which is a clear and outright war-crime given the alleged nature of our involvement there... but moreso, I find it downright laughable that the country was so swept up with all this Osama shit that most people I've talked to don't even realize that it even happened. It's getting to the point where I feel downright sorry for Gaddafi, his family, and the people of Libya.

And, as mentioned, here's some vids on the the whole Osama thing:

There's lots of video interviews on RT (Russia Today) and RT America with various different experts, and I've been running across all sorts of interesting controversies surrounding this matter. It still boggles my mind how fanatically brain dead people are, and how easy it is to corral the American public.

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