Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Stop, Think, Connect

Doing some general procrastinating of work tasks today and ran across this video... thought that it was worth sharing.

Also, while the world is distracted with Osama, we've all but forgotten about the nuclear disaster just downwind from us. I've been following it when I can, but news is getting increasingly harder to find. Here's a little update.

And, as far as the police state goes, just one small update for today:

Obama Administration Fights to Allow Warrantless GPS Tracking

I believe the key word there is 'warrantless'.

And, incase you want a little update on Libya:

I think it's interesting to note that the French people have such disdain for their president and the war in general, while here in the states, the whole Osama thing worked like a charm to quell almost all of that dissent. Funny, I thought we were there for humanitarian reasons, not terrorists. But then again, most Americans probably don't even know -that- ...

But how couldn't they? What's more humanitarian than this?

I saw an article about this in my local newspaper today... granted, it was a very small, almost hidden little blip, but it was there, so I guess that counts for something. Now the question that comes to mind is why would 600 people want to flee Libya on a rickity little boat like that? Why on earth would they be so desperate to get out of there that they're willing to leave their entire lives behind and risk death just to get away? Don't they know that we're there to protect them, and to save them from an evil, tyrannical, militant empire hellbent on bloodshed and global domination of world resources?

Oh wait....

Oh well, American Idol's on tonight. I can rest easy knowing that we're making the world a safer place, one war at a time.

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