Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Not wasting any time

This is almost laughable.

National Emergency Alert System Set To Launch In NYC

Now, granted we all knew it was coming, but still... The implications of this are gargantuan.

1. Your phones will now be mandatorily equiped with FEMA endorsed microchips and software.

2. The messages will supersede all other phone traffic and have a unique signal and vibration...
Anyone see any problems with this???

3. This can already be done anyway! When I was in college, my university had an emergency system in place where they would send a text to everyone incase of an emergency... They certainly didn't need specialized chips and software to do this!!!

Apparently, now that the cats out of the bag that google and iphone were tracking users, the government just decided to put an end to the conspiracy and be up front with it! In the name of our 'safety', of course. And, i gotta hand it to them, it's a rather genius ploy. Now instead of being worried about a private company tracking us, the government can do it right out in the open, and better still, they can even install THEIR OWN CHIPS AND SOFTWARE to do it! And, like everything else, the majority of the sheeple out there who are still scared witless by the 'boogie men' terrorists are going to eat this up.

We are now just a few steps away from having literal telescreens installed in our homes that beam directly into our brains the latest government fables about who we’re bombing now, what level chocolate rations are this month, as well as Michelle Obama’s mandatory exercise program.

Oh wait....

Google's already working on that.

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